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Have you Ever...

  • Thought about writing a book, but felt too overwhelmed to begin?
  • Wished you could talk to the author of a book you loved about how and why they wrote the story the way they did?
  • Been curious about the difference between indie and traditional publishing or how writers get their books on Amazon?

If the answer is yes, then Meet the Author is for you!

Spend an hour with Jack Ori, the author of Reinventing Hannah, and get answers to all your burning questions!

What do you want to Know About Writing?

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book or are the least bit curious about how writers get their ideas, this event is for you.

It’s your opportunity to be face-to-face (sort of — it’s a Zoom event) with an author who has published one novel and has three more waiting in the wings.

You’ll get the opportunity to hear Jack’s thoughts about how and why to write, what it takes to get your work out into the world, and why it’s more important than ever to write stories that will resonate with people.

You’ll also get the chance to ask him ANYTHING that’s on your mind.

And as a bonus, you’ll get a sneak peek at his newest work.

All for $21!

How cool is that?

What is Meet The Author?

An interactive experience

You'll get to ask questions and discuss anything of interest to you about Jack's writing career.

An exclusive opportunity

Jack will share excerpts from a never-before seen work and exclusive insights into the world of writing.

An exciting raffle

All participants will be entered into a raffle where they can win an autographed copy of Reinventing Hannah.

Join Meet the Author to get an exclusive sneak peek at Jack's latest work, Open Secrets!

Who is Jack Ori?

The host of Meet the Author is a prolific author who regularly writes freelance articles as well as having published his first novel, Reinventing Hannah. Shortly after finishing Reinventing Hannah, Jack decided to try writing mystery/thrillers; he currently is seeking representation by an agent and has one complete manuscript and one in progress.


Your words matter -- meet Author Jack Ori

Ready to register?

I have three different dates/times available! Each session is limited to 50 people and is at a different time of day, but otherwise the sessions are the same.

Click the button below and choose the date that works best for you! I can’t wait to see you in July.

NOTE: There WILL be a recording if you can’t make your chosen date live. However, you won’t be able to ask questions or participate in the raffle if you aren’t here!