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Author Bio

I’m a writer, late-in-life transitioner, and trauma survior from Long Island, New York who knows intimately the pain of not only staying closeted but not having the words to express my identity to anyone. In 2020, I published my first novel, Reinventing Hannah, for trauma survivors of any gender identity; I am also a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic, where I often look at TV shows through the lens of social messaging.

I write personal essays about my experience growing up transgender, how-tos for neurodiverse writers, and opinion pieces about anything having to do with writing, neurodivergence, healing from trauma, or gender identity.

 A fun fact about me: I am an accomplished violinist who played with the Symphonic Pops orchestra here on Long Island before the COVID pandemic.

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About page photo - also used in bio on Reinventing Hannah page.

Hire Me!

I often pitch ideas to magazines for stories, but if you’d like to hire me to write an article for your publication, I’d love to talk! Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.