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Prfoile photo - Jack Ori, Author of LGBTQ+ Mystery/Thrillers starring trauma survivors


Jack Ori writes amateur sleuth mysteries and related stories starring trauma survivors; his debut contemporary young adult novel, Reinventing Hannah regularly receives praise from sexual assault survivors who find it empowering.

Jack's first mystery novel, Open Secrets, features a non-binary college-student-turned sleuth who is determined to get justice for a murdered classmate because of their own history of having their trauma dismissed.

When not writing novels, Jack is a Senior Staff Writer for TV Fanatic, where he reviews popular television series through the lens of LGBTQ+ and mental health activism. Jack can be reached @LGBTAuthorJackOri on Facebook and as @authorjackori on X, Instagram, and Threads, or find him at

Meet Author Jack Ori


Jack Ori is a transgender author anad autistic author who writes amateur sleuth mysteries for young adults, new adults, and full adults. His stories often star trauma survivors and neurodiverse characters and are set in the fictional Long Island suburb of Cedarwood, which is based on the town where he grew up and lives today.

Jack was first diagnosed with autism in 2011, a year before he came out as transgender. The themes in his books about becoming who you really are and finding your voice reflect his experience as someone who wasn't able to be himself until well into adulthood.

Prairie Books Review
called Jack's debut contemporary young adult novel, Reinventing Hannah, "a powerful YA book that deserves to be placed at school and library shelves," while the Booklife Prize noted that "Ori is sensitive to...the power dynamics that inform the ritual of victim shaming, and to how tensions from a traumatic experience can fracture even the sturdiest relationships. " The novel was a semi-finalist in the 2020 Kindle Book Awards.

Jack has both a new adult mystery and a title for adults coming out in 2024. Open Secrets features a non-binary college student who faces off against a hostile college administration when their investigation into the murder of a doctoral student unearths a scandal that the university has been turning a blind eye to for a quarter of a century. In the fall of 2024, Ori will also release Someone Else's Daughter, featuring a minor character frm Reinventing Hannah working alongside an investigative reporter who struggles to balance her desire to find a kidnapped child with her need to protect her impulsie, headstrong daughter from harm.

Jack is also a Senior Staff Writer for TV Fanatic, where he reviews popular TV shows through the lenses of LGBTQ+ and mental health perspectives. He also regularly writes personal essays about his experience as a late-in-life transitioner or his perspective as an autistic transgender man for publications such as Insider.

Jack is a Licensed Master Social Worker and also has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and a Masters in Professional Writing, all of which he uses to help him craft realistic stories that tackle social issues such as homo/transphobia and criminal justice reform.

Jack can be found on Facebook @LGBTAuthorJackOri and @authorjackori on X, Threads, and Instragram, as well as on


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