Reinventing Hannah

Within these pages, you will encounter:

  • A 16-year-old sexual assault survivor & discussions about how she is handling her trauma
  • Characters who have been and may still be suicidal
  • At least one domestic violence situation
  • Marijuana and alcohol use
  • Encounters with police officers.

None of this is graphic.


Reinventing Hannah cover
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Meet Hannah, the courageous young woman who overcomes her fear of speaking up after she becomes the victim of an unspeakable crime.

A shocking assault shattered her innocence. But she won’t let it break her spirit.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Kollman’s so wrapped up in proving she’s nothing like her bipolar mom that she’s forgotten who she is.

And when the normally straight-arrow teen throws caution to the wind to follow her more free-spirited friend to a college party, a drugged drink changes her life forever. Now she’s the victim of an assault she doesn’t even remember… and it’s either stand up to the bullies who hate her for it or be ostracized forever.

With friends and enemies alike pressuring her to stay quiet about what happened, her parents treating her like she’s fragile, and her own fear pulling her back toward depression, can Hannah turn her pain into power and become the advocate for herself and other survivors she longs to be?

Why I Wrote Reinventing Hannah

Reinventing Hannah is a story that’s very close to my heart. I wrote it because I had some important things to say about what high school life is like for people who are perceived as female.

I wanted to support other survivors, empower people to be their best, truest selves no matter what happened to them, and shine a light on the bullying, abuse, and pressure that intelligent women/female-perceived people face in high school.

Hannah is who I would be if I was a cis woman instead of a trans man. I hope her story entertains and empowers you.

About the Author

About page photo - also used in bio on Reinventing Hannah page.Although I’m a transgender man, I was raised as a girl, with all the societal baggage that comes with (including inappropriate behavior by boys in my class.)

I write novels about trauma survivors of all gender identities to help them move toward greater authenticity in their lives as they deal with what’s happened to them. 


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