Ditch overwhelm and create an irresistible story with ease with a course that gives you ALL the trainings you need in one place.

This course is perfect for authors who feel overwhelmed while planning their novels or who don’t write anything because they don’t know how to start. It gives you step-by-step instructions so that you can plan your novel AND 1:1 support for those times when you need someone to walk you through confusion.

This is tailored specifically for neurodivergent people, so if you are autistic or have ADHD or dyslexia, it will teach you how to plan your book in a way that works for you—even if every fiber of your being resists planning before you write. It includes my unique Character Centered Method that uses the same tools therapists do to understand real people to help you build your characters, my plotting paradigms to help you understand what your characters need to be doing, and software trainings to help you stay organized.

All in a way that works WITH your unique brain, not against it so that you can ditch overwhelm and create an irresistible story.

This course includes:

  • Templates, worksheets, checklists, and videos with detailed step-by-step instructions

  • Four 1:1 sessions that give you customized guidance to get you unstuck

  • Bite-sized modules to help you learn the basics of character, plot, and conflict


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