Would you write a book if only you knew how to get started?

Most writers find it hard to begin a new project, so you’re not alone! If you’ve never written a book before, you might feel overwhelmed, anxious, or afraid that you’re never going to finish this or that no one’s going to want to read it.

To make matters worse, most writing advice out there is geared toward neurotypical people, so if your brain is wired differently, it’s almost impossible to follow.

But what if you had tools specially designed for people like you to help you start your book, see it through to completion, and enjoy what you’re doing along the way?

Introducing the Story Success Blueprint

This 12-week course contains everything you need to kill fear and overwhelm so that you can begin writing.  You’ll learn:

  • The secrets to setting up your workspace to increase your chances of success before you even put pen to paper
  • An alternative to writing every day that’ll let you commit to your book in a way that works with your brain
  • The one trick to planning where your story is going without having to outline
  • Powerful tools to help you smash through writer’s block so you can see your story through
  • Ways to move your story forward without writing a word on days you’re crunched for time, and more!

Three months from now, you could be well on the road to finishing your first draft. But every journey starts with the first step.

Sign up now to say YES to making your writing dream come true without having to change who you are.



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