Join the Only Community You Need to Get Your Stories Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page

Writing can be hard,  lonely, and frustrating, no matter who you are.
If you’re a trauma survivor like me, it can be twice as difficult. Standard advice like “write a little every day” just doesn’t work for us, and trying to follow it can make you feel like a failure.
And then on top of that, there’s so often this voice in your head that’s telling you that nobody cares about what you have to say and that writing this book is a gigantic waste of time. That’s a lot to push against, especially when you have limited time and energy.
But what if you had a community full of people who get it and who want to move forward with their writing dreams too? What if you weren’t alone anymore?
That’s what the Writers Support Network is. It’s the paid writing community you’ve longed for — one that’s full of writers helping each other achieve their wildest dreams.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll get when you join:

  • The accountability you need to get your book done. Whether it’s posting about your writing problems in a members-only Discord, participating in a weekly writing sprint, or joining our bi-monthly Writers Circle to give and get feedback, you’ll have plenty of people who have your back and who won’t let you get away with NOT writing.
  • Time management tools and techniques that work for you. No cookie cutter advice that doesn’t work for trauma-impacted brains here! Instead, you get access to trainings that teach you how to work WITH your brain instead of against it so that you can get that book finished.
  • Access to the level of feedback you want, whether that’s a critique group, editing help, or people to bounce character ideas off of.
  • The opportunity to share your work and see the positive impact on your fellow community members.
  • A safe space where you can be yourself without judgment, and more
In short, the Writers Support Network is a family where we all support each others’ writing dreams, respect one another’s identities, and heal ourselves and the world through sharing our stories.

Our doors aren't open right now, but I don't want you to miss out, so be sure to fill out the form below to get on the waiting list!