The Writers Support Network - A creative community that offers you the tools and support to finally finish the novels you long to write!
Do you have so many ideas for stories buzzing around your head that you don’t know which to choose first?
Does your head voice agree with your family that writing is a gigantic waste of time, yet you can’t give up your writing dream?
Is writing every day impossible for you, yet you feel like a failure because you can’t write?
If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, The Writers Support Network is for you.

If you yearn to tell a story, you can write it.

Writing can be lonely and frustrating, especially if you don’t have the time and energy to focus on it every day.

Some days it may feel impossible. You might wonder what’s wrong with you that you can’t follow simple advice or can’t finish what you start.

Nothing is wrong with you. Standard writing advice is written for neurotypical brains.

If you are a trauma survivor or are neurodiverse (e.g. ADHD, autism, or dyslexia), your brain works differently. Trying to follow writing advice meant for neurotypical authors is like trying to run Mac software on a Thinkpad. 

What if instead, you had a community of writers like you who had your back? People who are positive and encouraging and who have each others backs as writers and as human beings?

If you had a community like that, you could finish that book… and that would only be the beginning of your writing success.

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Do You Want to Write a Memoir?

Memoir Quote for Writers Support Network Page - Most memoir writers will tell you that the hardest part of writing a memoir isn't what to include, but what to leave out.

Writing memoirs comes with its own challenges. Memoirs read like fiction but are about your real life. Memoir authors are often scared of hurting or offending people in their lives or of getting sued for telling the truth.

Jack understands that fear. Although he is not a memoir writer, his contemporary young adult stories are often based on his real life or on the lives of people he knows. 

The methods he uses to create compelling fictional characters based on real-life troublemakers can also help memoir writers protect themselves while telling their truths. 

The Writers Support Network helps support both memoir and fiction writers as they shape their stories into publishable works.

About Jack

Jack Ori knew he was going to be both a writer and a teacher when he was six years old. Back then, he wanted to be like Laura Ingalls Wilder from the Little House on the Prairie books; the dream stuck with him as he got older.

Jack has been part of the indie publishing scene since 2008. Since his gender transition in 2012, he’s been on a mission to help people tell stories that matter. He passionately believes that we all have things to say and that stories can help us heal ourselves and help others like us. He began the Writers Support Network because he wants neurodiverse writers to have the opportunity to get the support they need to finish their books.

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